To najseksowniejsza babcia, jaką kiedykolwiek widzieliśmy!


Na koncie: dwójka wnucząt, 47 lat i wygląd nastolatki!

Zaklina zachwyca nie tylko swoimi kreacjami, ale też wyglądem. Nic więc dziwnego, że szybko została okrzyknięta "najseksowniejszą babcią świata". Trudno uwierzyć, że ma już dwójkę wnucząt. Jej profil na Instagramie obserwuje już ponad 200 tys. osób, a jej stylizacje dostały docenione przez redaktorów greckiego Elle!

Good morning my wonderful divine souls, my invisible friends. I'm overwhelmed these days with enormous amount of love and support that I get from all over the world. Thank you, Russia, India, Poland, Iraq, Lebanon, thanks to the UK, America, Australia, China and Indonesia Thanks Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian (sorry if I someone accidentally overlooked) Every second are coming your messages, and I am grateful to God for this unique life experience I get lot of compliments in which (especially beautiful, exquisite, young people ) wish to point out, that one goal in their life from now on is: to be ME. For someone on the verge of 50tees I was a little taken aback but still pleasantly surprised. Thanks for all appreciations of my style, my physical appearance, my life philosophy.. that gives me tremendous motivation for the future. At the threshold of your life, and before you have to make many decisions to orient your trip .. I wish to dedicate this a bit lengthy text today in public We all have that special one, the most loved person .. That person who makes you celebrate your life with joy and without which one you can not imagine your future? Am I right? Now, imagine that every morning, the first thing you are forced to do, as soon as you open your eyes, Is to go to the FUNERAL to That Same Admired Beloved Person, That Same Person, who is for you, the essence of your life! And so on.. every single morning of your life! Without exception! Welcome to my mornings .. @miljanovicstefan #rememberstefan #nofasterthanlife Now carefully consider again, whether you still wish to be in my shoes? Why do I say that? Beware of what you want, cause you can get it .. The spoken or written word has enormous power. The Value, Life Goal, Destiny .. is not the same for all, it is more like a fingerprint: Unique!!! So be the Best Version of Yourself ! #bethebestversionofyourself I love you! You are beautiful just the way you are

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