Muzyka w RMF MAXXX
Muzyka w RMF MAXXX

star_halfTekst piosenki - Troublemaker

You?re a Troublemaker
You?re a Troublemaker

You aint nothing but a You?re a troublemaker girl
You had me hooked again
From the minute you sat down
The way you bite your lip
Got my head spinnin? around
After a drink or two
I was putty in your hands
I don?t know if I have the strength to stand

Oh, oh, oh
Troublemaker, troublemaker maker, yeah
That?s your middle name
Oh, oh, oh
I know you?re no good
But you?re stuck in my brain
And I wanna know
What does it feel so good, but hurt so bad?
Oh, oh, oh
My mind keeps saying
Run as fast as you can

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