Muzyka w RMF MAXXX
Muzyka w RMF MAXXX

star_halfTekst piosenki - Breathe

I brought you something close to me,left for something you see though your here.You haunt my dreams.There's nothing to do but believe.Just Believe.Just Breathe.Another day,just believe.Another day,just breathe.Another day,just believe.Another day,just breathe.I'm used to it by now.Another day,just believe,just breathe.Just believe.Just breathe.Lying in my bed.Another day,staring at the ceiling.Just breathe.Another day.Another day,just believe.Another day.I'm used to it by now.I'm used to it by now.Just breathe.Just believe.Just breathe.Just believe.Just believe.Just breathe.Just believe.Another day,just believe.Another day.Another day,just believe.Another day,just breathe.Another day,I do believe.Another day,so hard to breathe.Another day,not so hard to believe.Another day.Another day.

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